Stress Management: How To Support Your Teams

How to support your teams with stress management

Did you know that 35% of workers have considered leaving their current positions due to work-related stress? As an employer, this should be a huge wake-up call if you're looking to keep good employees around. 

Managing stress at work can be tough for anyone when they feel like they have too much on their plate. Sometimes employees are often too afraid to speak out about their needs and instead try to deal with them on their own, which can cause even more stress. 

As a manager, it is your job to help your employees find ways to manage stress. That way, the workplace will be productive and beneficial for everyone. 

Continue reading for our top tips on how to keep your employees stress-free at work.


Encourage Employees to Exercise

Did you know exercise can help to relieve stress and even act as a mood booster? It's true! Getting regular exercise can help your employees feel good throughout their workday. 

You might be wondering about the best ways to encourage exercise and workplace wellness as upper management. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways that your employees can exercise throughout the day and even get some exercise before or after work. 

The first way to help them get more exercise is to promote breaks – or buffers throughout the day – as opportunities to take a brisk walk and get some fresh air. You can even create a contest between employees to see who can get the most steps during the day. 

Another great way to get your team to exercise is to provide gym memberships. You can even host a corporate wellness program by bringing in a yoga instructor once a month. 

These are just a few great ideas to help your employees feel good and manage stress.   


Host a Stress Relief Seminar 

Sometimes your employees are going to need to learn how to manage stress for themselves. One thing you can do is host a seminar that provides them with stress management techniques. 

Not everyone knows how to manage their stress at work or home. There is always a lot going on, and balancing your life between the two places can be difficult. 

One great way to help your employees is to get a keynote speaker to help train your team on the techniques they need to know. That way, they will be able to develop their own stress management skills and methods.

It can even be a huge stress reliever to start talking about stress in the workplace. Having a seminar will help to open doors of communication for your employees, which will benefit them immediately. 


Allow For More Flexibility 

Did you know that having more flexibility at work can help with stress levels and corporate wellness? When you hire people to work for you it is because you trust that they're able to get the job done on time. That means you should also give them more flexibility in their work schedules and the way they do their job. 

Managing anxiety and stress is never easy, yet if employees are granted the ability to work from home when they need to, it can help to improve their mental health. Remote work has become more popular, and it is a great way to help your employees with their stress management. 

You can also be more flexible with the start and end times of your workdays. As long as everyone is putting in the required work when they need to, flexible work hours can help improve workplace wellness. 


Meet With Employees

Another great way to help reduce stress in your workplace is by meeting with your employees. Your team might feel overwhelmed with work without you having the slightest idea. That's why a monthly check-in can help to benefit everyone! 

Sit down with each employee and ask them how they're doing on all their projects. You can make sure that their workload isn't too hefty or even too small. You may notice that employees can feel stressed from not having enough work to do. 

You should also make sure that you get to know each of your employees as this can make it easier for them to communicate their concerns with you. Find out about their home life, things that interest them, or even what they did over the weekend. The more you get to know your employees, the easier it will be to help them deal with their stress. 

If you find employees that don't want to open up to you face to face, you can also email them about their concerns. Even taking a weekly survey to let you know how they’re feeling can help you gauge the stress levels in your office environment. 


Recognize Your Team

If you aren't taking the time to recognize and praise your employees when they do an excellent job, you need to start.

Some people show up to work, get their job done, and go home. It can start to feel too repetitive, especially if you're not communicating with anyone. The best way to fix that for your team is by making sure you let them know when they're doing a good job. 

There are tons of ways you can recognize a team member for doing something great. Say thank you at a team meeting, send them an email, or tell them in passing. Getting recognized can help boost your team's morale and make them feel good about what they do each day. 

You'll find that it can be a huge boost to the motivation in your office when you start recognizing your team for a job well done.  


Stress Management in the Workplace

If you're looking for ways to help with stress management in your office, be sure to use our tips for success. Your employees will benefit greatly from working in an environment that cares about stress levels and providing the resources they need to better manage stress. You may find a huge shift in the way that everyone works together and gets their jobs done. 

Are your employees in need of stress management training? Explore our workshops on managing stress in the workplace to see how you can help your team make every day a powerful and productive workday. 



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